Technology - The Great Equalizer

The new form of corporate Darwinism: Tech-forward companies will survive while those that refuse to evolve tend to die out


Imagine that just 30 years ago, the idea of having a computer at your desk was laughable. But today's digital landscape has made these tools not only available to individuals and businesses of all sizes, but critical to our day-to-day lives. Technology has ushered in the most democratic age of business in human history. Mom-and-pop shops can now operate with inventory infrastructures on par with those of global retailers, and thanks to technology, it?s never been easier for them to upend established industries.


According to a recent HP survey of 1,200 business and IT leaders, there's a very real gap separating the companies that use technology to adapt to the new market environment and those that are lagging behind the curve. It's a new form of corporate Darwinism: Tech-forward companies will survive while those that refuse to evolve - or evolve too slowly - tend to die out.


The same survey uncovered that 99% of companies identified as "leaders" have embraced technology in some capacity, with 78% invested in cloud services and applications, with 42% of them demonstrating improved business metrics as a result of their tech advancements. Minding the tech-adoption gap isn't just about doing better business for your company, it's about shielding your business from hungry up-and-comers who, overnight, can use technology to make your business model obsolete, not by inventing new business, but by simply establishing more efficient ways to play an old game.

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Technology is the greatest equalizer, ushering in the most democratic business age in human history and making it easier for small fish to compete in a big pond. DataWorks has been on the front line of this technological revolution for over eight years, developing and refining the tools and systems for large and small organizations alike to leverage the power of their data.

We aim to equip small operations with technologically advanced identity, web and print solutions on par with those of larger global players, and to shield large companies from smaller tech-savvy 'up-and-comers' that are consistently using technology to make traditional business models obsolete.


We aim to equip customers in Trinidad, Tobago and the wider Caribbean with premium identity solutions, web and print products and services that help small organizations achieve great things.


DataWorks is a small, dynamic digital marketing and information technology company founded in 2008 by Dexter Crawford to give smaller companies access to leading-edge information management technologies. Our core business includes Photo ID cards and Badges, Web Design and Development, Print Design and Production services.


With over eight years of industry experience, we have established a sound reputation for consistently providing professional cost-effective service and honest knowledgeable advice to help our customers expand their reach and visibility, and facilitate more engaging interactions with their members, customers and stakeholders.


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